The Legend of Langdon

Welcome to The Legend of Langdon, a 21st Century Harry Langdon Society!

Following in the tradition of Floyd Bennett’s former Harry Langdon Society, The Legend of Langdon was formed as a new, revitalized society for admirers of our beloved Harry.  My mission is to provide a supportive alliance of worldwide believers that are devoted to the respect and promotion of Harry Langdon’s comedic originality.

The Legend of Langdon was formed in the Spring of 2013.  Along with the help and generous support from the Langdon family and friends, numerous authors, historians, film preservationists and Langdon scholars, I believe this new direction will finally validate Harry Langdon’s place as one of the most brilliant and influential comedians to grace the stage and screen.

The original plan was to offer hard copies of a tri-annual newsletter to the members of the society.  After much consideration, I didn’t want this to be some stuffy, exclusive club, instead I want everyone to enjoy and learn from what we have to offer.  So, I decided to turn the newsletter into a blog, Harry’s Handbill, making it accessible to everyone, not just members.  Without printing and mailing the newsletters, a lot of the cost goes out the window so I can offer everything for free (relatively speaking).  Plus, having a blog allows me to keep you updated on much more of a regular basis as opposed to only thrice a year.  Stay tuned for articles, stories, letters, rare photos and much more from a plethora of generous contributors.  These amazing people have bestowed the most incredible wealth of resources and information ever assembled for Harry in recent years.  I’m extremely excited and grateful to all who are and are going to be a part of this wonderful journey, without any of you, none of this would be possible.

The Legend of Langdon is a grassroots effort with practically no monetary funds.  This has truly been and will continue to be a labor of love.  If you like what you see, please show some love by making a donation.  All funds go towards keeping this site active and alive.  Any amount is positively appreciated!  

The prowess and brilliance of our dear Harry Langdon is long overdue for recognition.  This amazing, multi-faceted human being has made us laugh, cry, and pushed the boundaries of our own comfort zone with his unique comedic style.  We know that Harry’s creative body of work was way ahead of its time, and now’s the time to bring his legacy back to life!  Here’s to our Little Elf!