Day 13 of 30 Days of Harry!

What a ladies man!

Langdon with Ruth Hiatt in Saturday Afternoon (1926)

Langdon with June Marlowe in The White Wing’s Bride (1923)

The Head Guy (1930)

Langdon with Una Merkel in To Heir is Human (1944)

Langdon with Judith Barrett and Ethel Sykes in Marriage Humor (1933)

Langdon with Dorothy Granger in His Marriage Mix-Up (1935)

Langdon with Thelma Todd in The Shrimp (1930)

Langdon with Marceline Day in The Hansom Cabman (1924)

Langdon with Elsie Ames in What Makes Lizzy Dizzy (1942)

The Chaser (1928)

Langdon with Alma Bennett in Long Pants (1927)

All-American Co-Ed (1941)

Langdon with Joan Crawford in Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (1926)

Langdon with Gladys McConnell and Helen Hayward in The Chaser (1928)

Langdon with Nell O’Day, Vernon Dent and Mabel Forrest in Tied for Life (1933)

Langdon with Ethel Teare and Alberta Vaughn in Picking Peaches (1924)

Langdon with Lotti Loder in A Soldier’s Plaything (1930)

Langdon with Nancy Dover in The Fighting Parson (1930)

Langdon with Marceline Day in The Luck o’ the Foolish (1924)

Langdon with Natalie Kingston in Lucky Stars (1925)

Langdon with Jane Frazee in Swingin’ on a Rainbow (1945)

Langdon with Alberta Vaughn in Smile, Please (1924)

The Big Kick (1930)